10 Best Practices for Writing Quality Content

High-quality content requires more than picking a topic and start writing

06 Jul 2020
Writing Quality Content

Content Is “An Engaging” King

The truth is, no brand can afford to produce cheap, low-quality content. In 2020, generating content for the sake of content is not enough. Or, at the very least, it’s no longer enough on its own. Assuming that you can randomly select a topic, write an article about it, and start getting leads is a very distorted approach. We can’t say it enough, the content must offer true value to the target audience.

So let’s start with the fact that quality content involves a fair amount of research, curation, scheduling, and monitoring. This process requires time, dedication, resource allocation, and the will to bring something interesting to the market.

In this article, we will explore the best practices and critical elements that are needed to create the right content for the right audience.

A Subjective Approach: 10 Tips to Follow

1. You Can’t (Must Not Try To) Please Everyone

First, it’s important to understand which content echoes with your specific audience. You don’t want to depict your brand in a neutral – easily forgotten – voice and tone. Instead, find your edge, and build content with your target audience in mind. This way you are sure to catch the attention of a qualified lead and break through the noise. Promote and run ads accordingly, keep your budget targetted towards this pool of leads and you’ll surely generate a lot of engagement.

2. Be a Brand, Not a Sales Representative

A brand offers more than just a service or product. Customers connect their favorite products to a positive experience. Once you have identified the topics, tone of voice, and approach that best fits your target market, you can begin to create unique content. Show off your brand’s personality and don’t seek to promote sales constantly. The sales will come as a result of consistent and purposeful communication. Humorously addressing pain points, or using everyday scenarios to highlight your offering create a more lasting impression with your audience.

3. Provide True Value

Produce content that brings value to the table.  Help customers resolve an issue, be more productive, or save money. You can then showcase the solution that your service offers. Become an expert in your industry, and aim to position yourself as a reference. Use storytelling, leverage influencers, real-life moments, and interact with your community. Go beyond pushing your product. Go beyond putting together nicely written copy and good images. Reach out to the community, get involved, and tell the world about your approach to important issues. Be that friend who helps without seeking anything in return. Except, doing so, will turn you into a magnet for leads.

4. Being Memorable

There is so much content out there being generated by businesses and news agencies alike. The sheer volume of content implies there is way too much nearly identical information available. So it is not enough to cut and paste stuff from a couple of articles to make up your own “new” blog. To truly be memorable, you need to create valuable content and this is becoming harder. Be fresh, yet offer timeless value. Some examples of evergreen themes:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • “How To” Guides
  • Tutorials
  • Testimonials
  • Educational Resources
  • “History of” Articles

5. Ride the Trends – With a Purpose

Pay attention to what people search for. What topics are currently grossing high volume shares and views? Stay atop of the latest trends. And make sure to include a little something about those topics in your communication. However, it is not enough to randomly talk about a trend just to ride the wave. Ultimately, it is necessary to show how it connects with your business. Why is it relevant for you to mention this and what difference would it make to the reader? Try to make your content as timely and relevant as possible.

6. Quality Visuals

Quality over quantity is the famous saying. It is true, not only is Google’s search engine algorithm favoring long, thick, unique content on websites; but images have an undeniable role to play as well. And the World Wide Web is overflowing with information, adverts, and images that pass unnoticed. Most of these are low-quality, repetitive, stock images. Therefore, you want to capture the user’s attention and have him spend more than a second on your content. To do so, include high-resolution, curated, staged, illustrated, and unique visuals.

7. Eye-Catching Titles

Interesting, thick, juicy content is indeed key to getting people to notice you and get leads. Unfortunately, oftentimes, no matter how valuable your content is, it isn’t read by many. So how can you drive people to your content, and entice them to read it? The answer is catchy titles. Add that touch of sparkle, a twist, or an anecdote to your titles. Anything that does not pass undetected might work.

8. Use Real Data to Create Better Content

Us split-testing methodology to identify more accurately what works, what brings in traffic, and what generates qualified leads. A/B testing is not only reserved for the targeting parameters of an ad, but it is also very useful when it comes to eliminating content that is not working for you. So use this to improve your conversion rates and slowly tweak your copy and artwork in the direction of what appeals the most to your audience.

9. Optimize for Each Platform

Preparing content that aligns with every platform you push it on makes a difference. While many businesses avoid having to adapt it to each channel, there is an intrinsic added value in doing that. You can compare it to using an ad designed for a magazine on a uni-pole. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense and a lot of the quality ends up being lost in the transition. There is power in lining up your messaging and visuals (or videos) with the purpose of a channel. Create stories for Instagram, videos for YouTube, and banners for display ads. Statistics prove that there is an increase in traffic and lead generation when you intentionally adapt to the format required.

Our tip: Design, adapt, drive traffic, and convert.

10. Identify the Gaps to Fill

Find keywords and topics that your customer base is searching for during their initial research before effecting a transaction. So, before drafting your content, use a content gap tool to have a more in-depth look at what the competition is doing. And find out what high-ranking keywords and content your website is missing.

A Part of the Whole: Focus on Strategy

Any content marketing activities have a bunch of variables that need to be taken into consideration. While it may seem hard to go from a simple blog article to conversion, the road that leads there is called strategy.

If you plan properly and have mapped out the essentials of your workflow, you can be a master of content.

Beyond the planning, research, creation, spreading, and monitoring, a strategy revolves around your raison d’être. Once you have created your personas – which are a virtual representation of your typical clients – you will be able to cater to them. Content includes copy, but also images, so you must not forget to ensure that your images and multimedia are of high quality. And it all adds up to the user experience that your website offers.

Businesses see content marketing as a way to reach positive results – be it increased revenue, client loyalty, or better brand awareness. Therefore, a successful strategy needs to be holistic.

The advantages of being well-prepared include:

    • Effective internal processes
    • Harmonious communication and market positioning
    • Proper use of social media channels and traditional marketing
    • The ability to get a higher marketing budget

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