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A Winning Branding Strategy in 2020

03 Apr 2020
Winning Branding Strategy

A Set of Expectations to Manage

We hear about the importance of branding strategies constantly. However, what do we mean by a branding strategy? Is it related to the way your logo looks, your color palette of choice, or your content style? The short answer is, it’s definitely all that and much more.

Simply put, a brand strategy is a way in which your business chooses to communicate with the world and differentiate itself from the competition. The aim of this strategy should be to create a unique experience for the target audience which identifies with the brand. As a result, this encourages people to interact with it.

With that in mind, you need to identify an effective way in which to create a brand identity that people recognize and ultimately, love. When you start the process, it is important to remember one key element: what experience do you want your customers to have when they make a purchase or think about your brand?

You want to craft a story and narrate it in a way that resonates with your market. Treat your story as a form of art that lives beyond your product shelves. Many businesses struggle with this either because they don’t know who they are or because they have communication gaps.

Once you start telling your story, you initiate a set of expectations with your customers. It is essential to meet these expectations at all times so as not to lose their attention.

Beyond a Logo… a Journey to Self-Discovery

Even if you have been doing business for some time (or perhaps even more so because of that) you can lose track of what your business stands for. Growing your brand means reevaluating where it stands; maybe you started out with a kiosk set-up and you’re now also offering to-go meals.

Take a step back and ask yourself: What does this business do?

Put pen to paper and write that this down. Don’t worry if you are not completely sure at this stage but these questions might help you during your brand soul searching exercise.

Why do you do it?

Dig deep. Why did you choose to open this business in the first place? Try to recapture that motivational feeling that kick-started it all and your hopes for it. Write down what comes to mind.

Where do you want your business to go from here?

Dream big. Set goals. This will become your ultimate vision and it will help you to identify the path that you need to take to get your business to that place.

What are your business beliefs?

It’s important to have a set of beliefs and principals that guide your business actions. Every tactic or decision must be in line with the defined ethos. This will help you to stay consistent and as a result, ensure long-term customer trust and loyalty.

How do people see you?

A brand is rarely – or never – what it says it is. It is actually what everyone else says it is. Therefore,  it’s important to know what people think about your business and how they feel about it. Focus groups, surveys or business analysts may also be helpful.

Why are you re-branding / branding?

Why are you focusing on your brand at the moment? Maybe you are rebranding your company because you want to venture into a new market or you’d like to start a new project. Write down a list of characteristics that you love about your brand and the ones you hope to have in the near future.

Who is your target audience?

It’s not possible to have a profitable business without customers. Think about your ideal customer – which online platforms are they using, their needs, and the defining behavior that they may have. Once you identify your customer base, you will be able to plan more accurately your marketing and outreach strategies.

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Craft your own branding plan

If you’ve been through these steps diligently, then you have the essential resources to create a great strategy and take the market by storm. Here are our top recommendations for a winning branding strategy in 2020:

1- Consolidate your online activities

  • Be authentic
  • Have a unique voice
  • Choose the most appropriate social media channels
  • Build an email list
  • Have a memorable design
  • Craft a catchy slogan that embodies your mission and purpose
  • Empower your customers

2- Be consistent

As Hannah Fleishman states on HubSpot, “All of your communications and marketing assets should tell your brand’s story.”  We cannot emphasize this enough.

3- You cannot please everyone

There is a lot of truth in the saying “No one can be everything to someone.” and they shouldn’t be anyway. So, identify the best version of yourself for your target audience.

4- Add value

You should be creating value with all that you do. Ask yourself:

  • What are your unique selling points?
  • What type of value are you providing and how is it different from your competitors?
  • How does this value align with your customers’ emotions?
  • Are your prices consistent with the value that you’re providing?

5- Associate your brand with the big players

The popular proverb “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” says it all.  Your brand is strengthened or weakened by the partnerships that you have with other brands. So, seek out strong brands that will elevate your own business through association with them.

6- Brand-building awareness

Generate brand awareness through unusual channels or use out-of-the-box tactics:

  • Set up a referral program
  • Create an infographic
  • Offer freemium content
  • Partner with local businesses
  • Consider vehicle wrapping
  • Run a social media contest
  • Host a podcast


The Fine Line Between Doing It Right and Overdoing It

doing it right

There’s an extremely fine line between an effective branding strategy and a brand that tries too hard. Some tactics can be too much sometimes.

We couldn’t agree more with this: “You don’t have to slap a logo on everything in order to establish your brand’s identity. Good branding is about generating the right amount of curiosity.”

Once you have found your target audience’s sweet spot…stick to it. Find the best ways to market specifically to them but be wise about which opportunities will help your brand to shine. Overexposure can also hurt your business and affect your goals adversely.

Experts warn that over branding makes your brand come off as inauthentic and a little bit egotistical as well. Remember, it is not about you, it is about your customers.

You should seek to be memorable and consistent with your purpose at all times. Your story must dictate your activities which will, in turn, keep customers coming back.

So, to round off our blog for today we leave you with some food for thought; in 2020 people must feel your brand but not necessarily see it.

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