Growth Hacking Trends to Get on Board

5 Pillars for boosting your business

20 May 2020
Growth Hacking Trends

An Insight Into Growth Hacking

While the name may sound very intriguing, many entrepreneurs will wonder, what exactly is Growth Hacking? And how can I use it for my business? Well, look no further. Today we’re delving deeper into the subject and seeing what it’s all about.

Let’s start by defining growth hacking.

In a nutshell, growth hacking can be defined as a collection of strategies that are oriented towards achieving business growth. It is mainly small businesses and early-stage start-ups that fall into the category of businesses that need to grow fast while utilizing as little resources and money as possible. These projects need to generate income very early in their development to be sustainable. In other words, minimum input but maximized output. Basically, you must hack the traditional long, slow, and painstaking process to create success as quickly as possible.

As it stands, most growth strategies can be categorized into content marketing, product marketing, and advertising. A growth hacker uses creative ways and sticks to low-cost tactics to help business owners generate leads and cultivate customer loyalty. However, it is clear that growth hacking goes beyond marketing. Indeed, it provides action plans and a roadmap for sales, customer service, in addition to marketing, and information technology. Fast and effective growth requires the collective contribution and efficient collaboration of all departments.

Less friction, more collaboration.

Growing means eliminating friction whenever possible – at every stage of the process – and creating momentum to reach the next growth level faster. Promoting this culture of trust and positivity also means involving the community. Brand advocates who love to talk about the positive experience that they had with your business are the cornerstone of powerful marketing. An ancient marketing technique that will never go out of style: word of mouth.

Your start-up should understand who its’ audience is at the core. This helps you to anticipate needs and create a more inclusive feeling to your advertising efforts.

Ultimately, it’s really about making it work for you. There are general guidelines to follow, but tailoring them to your scenario is necessary. This is essential for you to set sail on a smooth sustainable growth journey.

With this in mind, many start-ups turn to agencies and third parties to implement these techniques or even outsource the process in its entirety. Instead, take a minute to explore what you can do yourself, and take charge of your own growth hack strategy!

The 5 Pillars of Business Boosting

1. Sales & business development:

Identify the problem your service or product solves for your customers and sell that. Here, your ability to align your sales team with the internal processes and tools that support their job is essential. Invest in training, agile methodologies, and motivational discourse.  Expand your market, but ensure that you have the capacity to cater fully to these new territories.

2. Marketing:

Build relationships as if your success depended on it. Because it does. The story that your business narrates will drive these relationships. That’s where your marketing line of attack comes in play, so to speak. Make use of the flexibility that online advertising offers as the core of your strategy.

 Marketing automation: Lead capturing & growth hacking

Lead capturing techniques are one of the most underestimated areas of online marketing automation. Learn more about them and use them to your advantage.

Mobile e-commerce experience

In 2020 consumers expect a frictionless e-commerce experience on mobile devices. Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones for their e-commerce needs. So, make yours as attractive and customer-centric as possible.

Data-driven hyper-targeted advertisement techniques

SEO and social media are both extremely important for the organic growth of your business. Online advertisement plays a crucial role: it’s the only effective method to gain access to a broad audience or target a specific group of consumers. Turn towards marketing automation and machine learning to hyper-target your audience and genuinely offer the solution to their problem and to their needs.

3. Service:

The backbone of a memorable brand experience is customer service, pre-sales to post-sales. While this may sound simple and derivative of traditional methods, it takes a full house to ensure that it is done well. Reduce your liabilities to a minimum and focus on charting a smooth consumer journey from start to finish.

4. People:

The soul of your business: people. Keep your staff and collaborators happy and work in a positive environment. This positivity will be felt by your customers. A happy employee equals a happy customer. Make sure that you capitalize on customer service, communication, feedback, and understanding. Nurture every relationship to help your company grow, from word of mouth to seamless online interactions.

5. Technology:

The tools and techniques you use in your processes have never been more important. From internal frictionless communication and feedback; to running successful lead generation and data collection campaigns. There is a tool and a framework for everything – using the right ones will help you increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

 SEO optimized websites:

There is such a tremendously large number of websites trying to snatch up this highly sought after search engine results, that ranking among those top 10 positions is getting harder. Having your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on track and ensuring continuous monitoring of the status with frequent content updates will help give your website an edge. But it is not enough on its own.

You have to own the game by linking your marketing and advertising efforts to your site as well. From content to campaigns, to lead generation, here is what you need to plan ahead:

  • Have a content plan (including SEO research) set up with a library of material ready for publishing.
  • Look into optimizing your SEO website architecture
  • Ensure that all your content/pages are SEO-proof
  • Use Call To Actions and lead capture forms
  • Always link your CRM database
  • Enable tracking pixels
  • Prepare a retargeting campaign
Some SEO tips:
  • Use 10-15 short-tail keywords that are important to you and that your audience is interested in.
  • Identify 3 topics – categories or services – that you want to highlight.
  • Start writing rich, relevant, and long blog posts frequently and use them to populate your site.
  • Monitor your data with tools such as Google Search Console or Google Analytics.
  • Run and monitor ad campaigns.

Get on Board the Growing Hack

So, kick-start growth early on in your business development journey, and always consider that positive messaging and relationships are the key to any strategy. Create that “wow” factor that will resonate with your audience and a fantastic experience that will leave a mark in their memory. Finally, we’ll leave you with 6 easy-to-remember tips for your growth strategy:

  1. Make it. Repeat it. Automate it, whenever possible.
  2. Take internal feedback into consideration for optimizing your process.
  3. Create a ‘wow’ factor. Be it a moment, or an entire experience.
  4. Within your team first, so that it can reflect the outside.
  5. Time + Money = Resources that need to be preserved.
  6. Be ready to rock ‘n’ roll, before you actually roll!


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