Why White Labeling May Be The Right Approach For Selling

Easier Than Building Your Own

30 Apr 2020
white label solutions

Reinvent the Wheel or Minimize Investment?

You are an entrepreneur with a business idea and you are (understandably) very passionate about your project. It is very tempting to think that your success will hinge on the fact that you create everything from scratch.  While this is commendable, this approach can often set you up for unnecessary hurdles along the way and even potentially failure. Indeed, building a product or solution from zero means that you do not take advantage of the best practices that others have mastered before you. It may also slow down your time to reach the market and generate profits. So, what we are trying to say is; while it may seem like you need to reinvent the wheel, there really is no need to.

Your best option? Opt for a white label solution.

A white label solution is a fully supported product or service that is made by one company and marketed and sold by another. The “white” product is first acquired from the manufacturer without any branding and so it allows entrepreneurs to fully brand and build their own identity.

This approach helps you get to market in a shorter time, generate income faster while significantly reducing your investment and running costs.

A Wide Range of Project Options

White label solutions can be used in a broad range of sectors; from food products to services and software. Essentially they may be adapted to any project that you have in mind.  The advantages are many: quick, easy, affordable, and fully integrated. If you choose the white label route, you can focus all your energy and investment on ingenious branding, unique marketing strategies, and sales expansion.

Indeed, your attention can be focused on those actions that can make your customers happy, target loyalty-building, and creating optimal funneling for your sales process.

This is a pre-packaged solution that will surely meet your needs, whatever those needs may be.

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Branding, Marketing, & Sales…

A ‘Private Label’ is the opposite of a white label. A private label product is sourced from a manufacturer and then sold exclusively under the retailer’s own brand. So, creating a private label in-house, from scratch, often involves:

  • Higher capital
  • Research
  • Building trust
  • Brand awareness & recognition
  • High running cost (human & technological resources)
  • Delayed market insurgence
  • Delayed revenue generation
  • Long-term investment

In the white label scenario, you are starting halfway through the process, so you need to concentrate on:

A golden opportunity to create your unique stamp for the product. Your logo will precede and set the tone for your brand’s personality. During this initial phase, you can take time to define how you want your audience to perceive the brand, and what kind of experience you wish customers to have when they think of your product. Essentially, it’s soul searching for brands. Once you have found your true self, then it’s time to communicate it to the world.

  • Marketing & Communication

Aside from devising a relevant identity, marketing and communications are the components that you will focus the most on when taking on a white label. You want to increase the size of your target audience and so it is important to reach out in the most memorable way – striking storytelling and advertising campaigns. Think of promotional material, events, digital assets, and community management on social media channels where your potential customers are active. The possibilities are endless, and the choices are yours.

  • Sales

Go straight to the market and expand your presence quickly. Choose the channels, points of sale, and the pertinent niche spaces. Think about incorporating a Customer Relationship Management software to help you follow up on the status of leads, build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Key Takeaway

Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or an established business, every company benefits from taking on projects that are ready to be marketed – you save the financial capital, human resources, and research time.

We can all agree on this: Time is money. A white label solution saves you time, money, and perhaps a sleepless night or two.

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